The Concept

The Renaissance

By Definition Ren•ais•sance \ren’ a sans’ \ noun 1. a revival: rebirth. 2.the Renaissance a: the great revival of art, literature and classical learning in Europe during the 14th, 15th and 16th Centuries. b: a style developed in this period and characterized by the simplicity, elegance and proportion of classical Greek and Roman models

The original name of ‘congregate care’ is seldom used as it suggests an element of nursing care that this lifestyle does not include. Government departments are now using the term ‘supportive’ when referring to this type of housing or living. Privately owned residences seem to prefer the phrase, ‘independent living’ since it is meant for active independent seniors wanting the simplicity of life within a community of peers.

A typical resident is 76 to 92 years of age. Their previous home was a single family house or condominium. In the case of couples, maintaining the house has become too difficult for the husband and cooking and cleaning has become too much for the wife. In the case of single residents, usually a health problem makes them reassess their current environment and decide on a safer, less demanding lifestyle.

The health benefits of this kind of lifestyle are only beginning to be recognized. The benefits of proper nutrition can be seen within the first few months of residents moving in. Fresh green vegetable salads and nutrient-rich homemade soups introduce a variety of healthy nutrients into the diet. Soups and salads are made fresh every day. The main courses offer a wide selection from fish, poultry and red meat to potatoes, rice, and pasta. The desserts vary every meal from pies, cake and cookies to ice cream and yogurt. Few people could claim they eat with such diversity in their own homes.

At The Renaissance social interaction is highly valued and your favourite dinner companion could be just around the corner. The community feeling in the dining room, at the Shuffleboard or Bocce ball competition, or during one of the many special activities we have here is one of companionship and care. It is entirely up to you how much you participate within the community at The Renaissance but you will be hard-pressed to find a better retirement residence atmosphere anywhere else. Living among peers with whom you share the same values and history with is an exhilarating feeling and an experience that is filled with stories that are both familiar and new.

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